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582 Market Street
Financial District, CA, 94104


San Francisco psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr. Laura Kasper, provides providing individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, and marriage counseling and relationship counseling in her private practice in SoMa/Financial District San Francisco.

Dr. Kasper provides therapy and couples therapy to adults in San Francisco, Mill Valley, and Silicon Valley.


Group Therapy San Francisco | Group Therapy SF | Dr. Laura B. Kasper

San Francisco, CA Group therapy and group psychotherapy . Dr. Laura B. Kasper offers group therapy and therapy groups in San Francisco's Financial District. Group Therapy helps clients improve their communication and interactions so they can have more deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationships. 

Group Therapy

I provide group therapy to help clients improve their communication and leadership skills so they can have more satisfying and effective personal and professional relationships.

Create Satisfying Relationships

Group therapy is a weekly gathering of smart, caring, engaged people who are all passionate about the same thing - becoming more emotionally intelligent, self-aware and capable of having deeply satisfying and effective relationships.

Group Therapy in San Francisco, CA with psychologist Dr. Laura Kasper. Dr. Kasper is a San Francisco psychotherapist.

In group, you'll learn about long standing interpersonal patterns and communication habits so that you can grow and be the partner, parent, friend, or leader you want to be.

In Group Therapy you will Gain Insights and Skills Such as:

  • How you are perceived by others and what other people really think and feel about how you interact

  • How to express your feelings in a way that will build relationships and elicit the responses you want from others

  • How to give feedback in a way that builds connection and motivates people to change

  • What behaviors and reactions from others trigger emotional responses in you

  • How to regulate your feelings so you don’t repress them but can communicate them in a way that doesn’t undermine your interpersonal power.

Groups are capped at 8 adult participants to allow for meaningful interactions and opportunities for practice. 

Current Groups

I currently have two groups:

  • Thursdays 12:15pm - 1:45pm. Group has openings for one man.

  • Thursdays 5:30pm - 7pm. Group is currently full.

If you still have questions, please check out the Group FAQs.

Often times our interpersonal patterns are like a metal rod — unyielding. The only way to bend it is to heat it up. Group therapy brings that heat.

Group therapy Consultation

I meet with potential group therapy clients for three sessions to decide together if group is the best way to meet your needs and if you feel comfortable working with me.  

Give me a call (415.734.1969), text, email me or click here to schedule a free initial phone conversation.